2P-011-209 Gresley LNER Teak Brake Composite

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Sir Nigel Gresley (1876-1941) was one of the most prominent designers of the steam era of British railways. Although his locomotive designs are his best known works, Gresley also spent many years as a designer of coaches and carriages for the Great Northern Railway, which later merged to form the LNER. Gresley coaches were stylish and modern and set the standards for British transportation at the time. MODEL The DCC Compatible Plug-In Lighting Bars are an optional extra and can be easily fitted to illuminate the coach from within. The light bars are available in either yellow, for incandescent lighting, or white, for modern lighting. FEATURES Metal Wheels Light Bar Ready Full Interior Detail NEM coupling as standard Detailed Printing and Livery Detail Highly detailed body, underframe, and bogies SPECIFICATIONS ITEM NUMBER 2P-011-210 COACH MANUFACTURER Gresley OPERATOR LNER COACH CLASS Brake Composite RUNNING NUMBER 5547 MEASUREMENTS LENGTH OVER BUFFER 130mm WIDTH 18mm HEIGHT 26mm