370-062 Graham Farish N scale train set "Suburban Sulzer"

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A Graham Farish Train Set is the perfect entry into the wonderful world of model railways. Each train set includes everything you need to get up and running so why not indulge today and start your journey towards building your own masterpiece in miniature.

Trains have long moved commuters from the suburbs into the cities and these services were once hauled by locomotives, as opposed to the multiple units commonly employed today. This Class 24 diesel locomotive with its Sulzer engine is the perfect motive power to haul these Suburban coaches and provide commuters with a Suburban Sulzer train service connecting the city to the suburbs.



  • Class 24/0 No. D5033 BR Green (Late Crest) livery
  • BR Mk1 57ft ‘Suburban’ Second BR Maroon livery
  • BR Mk1 57ft ‘Suburban’ Brake Second BR Maroon livery
  • Analogue Controller (decorated in black and yellow with Graham Farish logo)
  • Power Supply
  • Oval of Track
  • Power Clip