7F-064-010 - Dapol 45T TTA Tank Wagon Esso (Grey/Red) 56235

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The TTA wagon was developed in the 1960’s and continued in production through into the 1970’s. The wagons were built by a variety of companies, this, as well as the many variations and changes to the body and the chassis through the lifespan of the wagons created many variations and were removed from service in the early 2000’s. The wagons were originally built to haul petrochemical products across the country. Many wagons were repurposed later in life to carry a variety of other products including Caustic Soda and Calcium Carbonate slurry. Dapol will initially be modelling the 45T version with two body types which will allow Type A and Type B tankers to be produced. Other versions of this wagon will follow in later production runs.

 The Dapol TTA Tanker Features:

    • Highly detailed and accurate body shell and chassis with many separately added details, including etched hand rails, ladders and walkways
    • Metal Instanter coupling chain and sprung coupling hook
    • Metal sprung buffers
    • Compensated chassis, along with a weight in the tank barrel and finely profiled metal wheels lead to extremely smooth running