E86007 Newton Chambers Car Carrier No. E96291E BR Blue & Grey

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Using new tooling developed for EFE Rail, this OO scale Newton Chambers Car Carrier depicts a vehicle in later life; dual braked and with through-ETH fitted. The double-deck bogie vehicles were employed primarily on Anglo Scottish services, transporting up to six cars to provide travellers with their own independent means of transport when their rail journey reached its destination.

The EFE Rail model captures the distinct character of these vehicles, with finely-moulded panel lines throughout the model and accurate end detailing. The bogies, with their unique 6ft 9in. wheelbase, are something to behold; capturing the relief of the axleboxes and spring leaf suspension, with full brake gear push/pull rods and safety loops fitted separately between the frames. Pinpoint metal wheels ensure smooth running whilst the tension lock coupling is mounted via NEM socket which is mounted on a close-coupling mechanism built into the vehicle’s floor.



  • EFE Rail OO Scale
  • Era 7
  • Pristine BR Blue & Grey ‘Motorail’ Livery
  • Running No. E96291E
  • TOPS code NVX
  • Vacuum and Air Braked and through-fitted for ETH
  • Accessory Pack
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Close Coupling Mechanism
  • Length 257mm