GM1803 Mixed Trees - Pack of 30

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Pack of trees for realistically recreating high-quality landscape scenes in a model landscape. There are many forests in real nature and they should not be missing on a model landscape. Whether deciduous trees, firs, spruces, larches or Mediterranean trees - the most diverse types of trees make a landscape scene appear even more realistic and idyllic. The forest animals seek shelter under the tall trees and people walk through the dense forest when the weather is nice. Recreate idyllic natural scenes with the "deciduous trees" under the standard trees and ensure a real eye-catcher on your layout.

The plastic sprues of these trees are hand-coloured and covered with a specially developed, realistic flock.

This special pack includes thirty trees ready to be planted around your scene.


  • 10 x Deciduous Trees
  • 10 x Spring Trees
  • 10 x Mixed Forest Trees
  • HEIGHT 50mm - 140mm