GM1840 Apple Premium Tree

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This "Apple Tree with Fruits" is ideal for recreating realistic orchards on a model landscape. The crisp, red fruits give a landscape beautiful colours that really get you in the mood for summer. Whether on the wide, green orchard or at home in your own garden - the "apple tree with fruit" makes every landscape look even more idyllic and realistic.

People enjoy the warm temperatures in nature. A red, crunchy apple straight from the tree is a must! A summer mood is guaranteed here. Bring this loving scene to your model landscape.


  • The trunks of the trees are painstakingly hand-coloured so that no shiny plastic surfaces can be seen.
  • In order to give the tree more volume, a fine web is worked into the branches before the flocking.
  • High-quality leaves are used as the flock material. The shape and colour of the specially ground and elaborately coloured material resembles the foliage of the original trees.
  • As in nature, only the fine branches of this tree has leaves. The thick knots are left out in the elaborate flocking by hand.


  • 1 x Premium Apple Tree
  • HEIGHT 75mm