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Along with beeches, birches, oaks, chestnuts and other tree species, the "lime tree" is one of the tree species that is very common in nature. You can find them in fields, in the garden, in the cemetery, in city scenes, on the farm or in park scenes. The "lime" is very versatile and transforms any already designed landscape into an even more idyllic scene with high-quality details. The children play on the field and climb the high "lime tree". Recreate both loving and realistic scenes with the "lime" and implement even more reality on every diorama.


  • The trunks of the trees are painstakingly hand-coloured so that no shiny plastic surfaces can be seen.
  • In order to give the tree more volume, a fine web is worked into the branches before the flocking.
  • High-quality leaves are used as the flock material. The shape and colour of the specially ground and elaborately coloured material resembles the foliage of the original trees.
  • As in nature, only the fine branches of this tree has leaves. The thick knots are left out in the elaborate flocking by hand.


  • 1 x Premium Lime Tree
  • HEIGHT 185mm