Hornby R40445 - Liverpool and Manchester Railway 1 Class Coach ' Sovereign'

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The Liverpool & Manchester Railway opened to much fanfare on 15th September 1830. So much so, that a new station had to be built to satisfy passenger numbers and to plan for the ongoing ‘rail fever’ at the time. Liverpool Road Station saw passengers booking tickets and awaiting their train’s arrival. Passengers were separated into first and second class and had different booking halls and waiting rooms.

First-class passengers enjoyed a non-stop service between Liverpool and Manchester which was quicker than travelling via second-class trains. They travelled in ‘glass coaches’ that emulated the typical horse-drawn carriage common to the 19th century. First-class passengers also had the opportunity to stop at a first-class station and enjoy food and drink in the refreshment room. The selling of alcohol and food was forbidden for second-class passengers.

The ‘Sovereign’ first-class coach harkens back to a luxury era of travel and evokes a sense of being regal. The model resembles a horse-drawn carriage and is complete in an L&MR yellow livery. The accessory bag contains two chain couplings.