R30211A - Hornby Dublo : BR, A3 Class, 4-6-2, 60103 'Flying Scotsman' - Era 11 - Limited Edition Gold Wheels

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Flying Scotsman had one of the most eventful and illustrious careers of any locomotive ever built. Thanks to the work of countless individuals, the locomotive has and will continue to write its own story in the history books. 

To many, the image conjured when asked to think of a steam locomotive is that of Flying Scotsman. As graceful as it is powerful, she has etched her place in the hearts and minds of railway enthusiasts around the world.

Whatever the future holds for this magnificent locomotive, her history cannot be ignored or understated; Almost certainly the most famous locomotive of all time.

This limited edition model, finished with 18ct Gold wheels, drive and valve gear, captures the grace of this iconic locomotive and is a fitting part of any collection.