R30339 Hornby 70th: Westwood, 0-4-0, No. 7 'Nellie'

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In the 1960s, Tri-ang Railways released the 0-4-0 industrial tank locomotive, No. 7 'Nellie', in a blue livery with the number R355B. These locomotive models were produced in the Rovex Scale Models Limited Margate factory and arrived in customers' hands encased in the iconic Tri-ang Railways red and yellow packaging. The design for the locomotive appears to have been based on a Class C14 which was intended for suburban passenger traffic around the city of London and was designed by Dugald Drummond for the London & South Western Railway in 1906.

Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Hornby in Margate with a reproduction of the Tri-ang Railways No. 7 'Nellie' 0-4-0 locomotive in a striking blue livery and red 'Nellie' nameplate with yellow lettering. This model will be perfect for any Hornby history enthusiasts.