R3839 - Hornby BR Standard Class 2MT 78000 BR Green Late Crest

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78000 entered traffic at Oswestry on 27 December 1952 along with the other nine 2MT locomotives from the first batch, displacing the GWR Dean Goods and Cambrian Railways' 0-6-0s from their local passenger and freight duties.


As the new locomotives and their crews became accustomed to their new operating areas, they were dispersed to other sheds and so 78000 found itself allocated to Machynlleth for work between Shrewsbury, Oswestry and the Welsh coast resorts from Aberystwyth to Portmadoc until May 1963.


Moved to Nottingham to cover local freight workings, in January 1964 the locomotive was transferred to Derby for use on the Shirland Colliery Branch until June 1965, when 78000 was withdrawn from service.