R60116 Triple Wagon Pack, Houghton Main, Thos. Lebon & Sons & Settle Speakman

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The open wagon is one of the most ubiquitous types of wagon to ever see service in the UK. Regardless of their size, the wagons could be seen almost anywhere from individual wagons being moved by small tank engines to large rakes of them being hauled behind some of the largest tender engines of the day. 

The wagons were largely unspecified, they would carry any cargo that didn't require any protection from the elements. As time progressed and rolling stock developed, the general use wagon would see its use become more limited, wagons designed specifically around their cargo would begin to supersede the standard open wagon through the 1940s and 1950s.

Many open wagons would find their way into private ownership, with each company then commissioning one of the Big Four companies to move their wagons to their destination. These plank wagons are typical of the kind that could be seen making up a colourful patchwork behind one of the Big Four's freight engines.

These open wagons are fitted with NEM couplings and metal wheels, allowing them to roll freely and therefore allowing them to run in long rakes behind even small locomotives as may sometimes be tasked with hauling them. These wagons also have internal plank detailing, a load need not be fitted if you do not wish to add one.