TT3002M BR Class 08 08623 DBS Red TT:120

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The Class 08 will go down in history as one of the most dependable shunters ever built. While all Class 08 shunters were built by British Railways they are actually based on an earlier LMS design. With 996 of these shunters built, they are still a common sight on mainline yards and sidings, and a common sight on heritage railways, with the number preserved almost outnumbering those currently in service.

With no thought given to aesthetics, the Class 08 was a utilitarian workhorse of the railways, with its longevity speaking volumes to its performance. While not intended for mainline duties, some of the Class in the south could be seen trundling up the mainline if there was a short distance between yards that stock needed to be moved between, assuming no express services needed to occupy the track at the time.

Originally outshopped into BR service as D3790, this Derby built member of the class began it's service life at shed 15C. Renumbered as 08623 in February 1974, this class member still survives today as a working example of a Class 08 in DB Schenker service.